This collection of poems opens with trenchant themes that beam peculiar emotions, with emphasis on the need for maternal adulation hemmed in the unity of consciousness. In this collection of poems, Akubo weaves time, carriage and place into meanings, like in the novel works of Peter Balakian salted in the gripping tenderness of Mary Oliver’s transcendental poetic dictions. I find impressive, in this collection, the premium placed on the connections between mother and child in many directions – and the transference of meaning by contrasting timelines and semantic level, a rotund experience.

In the eponymous poem, Sonnets for motherhood, Akubo deftly explores the journey of motherhood, highlighting the thematic structure of the poems in nuanced verses as seen in these lines…

A mother’s care, a symphony of tears of joy,  

Her love is like music themes, soft and serene.  

Through innumerable nights, she’s always there, her 

presence is soothing, like a scented scene. 

 The poem follows an iambic pentameter, which consists of five iambs per line. For example:   “A-MOTH -er’s CARE, a SYM-phon-y OF tears OF joy,” (Iambic pentameter). The use of enjambment also made the lines flow seamlessly into one another. The repetition of certain sounds, such as the “s” sound in “soft,” “serene,” “is,” “presence,” and “scented,” adds a rhythmic touch to the poem.

The poems in this collection, linger with sempiternal emotions that transcend words; the deep dive into burrows of healing, sacrifice, and the passage of time narrate the daily need for communality in catering for those we care about and extending warmth to the caravans of destiny. The poem, first day of school, ensconces the amalgamation of excitement, pride, and nostalgia, creating a throbbing psycho-socio reverbs. Akubo’s effusions course through the poems, leaving the readers in stitches. But, the use of nebulous metaphors in some of the poems may impact the accessibility of the poem and also impair the epistemic remit of the work, despite this, the triumph of the work is in the use of artistic language, imagery, symbolism, and a reflective tone to sustain the curiosity of the readers and allow the readers to appreciate its artistic and intellectual dimensions which is the primal call of aesthetic distance. Also, the thematic structure of the poems in this tour de force, are interspersed with reflective moments, adding density to the texture of the metrical overtures. The thematic structure devolves to celebrating the multifaceted aspects of motherhood, emphasizing love, care, sacrifice, wisdom, and the enduring nature of a mother’s spirit. The poem explores these themes through various images and metaphors, creating a healthy connection between a mother and her child.

In conclusion, this collection of poems demonstrates a thematic camaraderie, skirting an adept use of scansion and aesthetic distance to draw the readers into the resonant flair of the poems. From the challenges of childbirth to the enduring love and sacrifices for children, the poems knit together a narrative that celebrates the resilience of motherhood. 

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