Uche aspired to be a Nollywood star but finds himself selling fabrics in Lagos instead. Dissatisfied with what he perceives as a mediocre life, he embarks on a journey to India, hoping to escape Nigeria’s desperate circumstances. However, his expectations are shattered as India proves to be just as unpleasant.

In order to survive the harsh realities of India, Uche turns to a life of crime, initially selling drugs such as marijuana and eventually progressing to cocaine. He even delves into the disturbing world of pimping, exploiting East African women as sex slaves.

While Uche’s defence of his actions may seem feeble, he argues, “What choice did I have? I did what was necessary for my own survival.”

This book sheds light on a lesser-known narrative, one that goes beyond the Nigerians who migrate to the West for obvious advantages. 

This story focuses on a group of Nigerians without degrees or financial means, who take perilous journeys through backdoor routes like Libya and face desperate hardships. 

These migrants often end up in countries with weak institutions and high unemployment, where poverty is as rampant as the Third World country they escaped. 

Tragically, many resort to becoming prostitutes, sex slaves, murderers, or drug dealers.

The Nigerian Mafia Mumbai, by Onyeka Nwelue, presents a raw and unflinching account of the lives and experiences of African migrants in Mumbai and other parts of India. Uche’s narration is stark, unforgiving, and brutal, offering a compelling insight into their struggles.

Suleiman Ahmed is the author of Trouble in Valhalla

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