Once upon a time, in the land of Jamaica,
A story of Ras Tafari, a beacon of light, a saga,
He rose like the sun, shining so bright,
Leading the way, with wisdom and might.

As the Nile river, flowing so strong,
His words and teachings, a melodious song,
Through his actions, love and unity he spread,
Guiding his people, like a compass, ahead.

Ras Tafari, the last Solomonic dynasty,
A symbol of strength, a legacy for eternity,
Like mountain Kilimanjaro, standing tall,
Inspiring generations, answering the call.

In the hearts of Jamaicans, his name was revered,
His message of equality, forever endeared,
Fist like a flame, burning so bright,
Igniting hope, dispelling the night.

His influence grew, like roots of a tree,
Nurturing the spirit, setting souls free,
Haile a lighthouse, guiding the way,
Illuminating paths, in darkness, a ray.

Jamaica embraced him, with open arms,
Recognizing his wisdom, his peaceful charms,
Selassie a star, shining above,
A symbol of love, justice, and true love.

So let us remember Ras Tafari’s story,
His journey of grace, his quest for glory,
For legacy, etched in our hearts,
A beacon of light, never to depart.

Joshua Omeke is a renowned Nigerian writer with over 10 years of experience in his craft. His poetry book, Joe’s Collectanea, made waves for the author and has been nominated for several awards. He is also expected to release his next collection The Hymns of a Deepman through the UK publishing house Austin Macauley.

He has headlined at LSE Firoz Lalji Ubuntu Café, CORA art festival and is said to be an headliner at the World of Love festival in Bournemouth, UK. He has been accepted for the nomination at Forward Prize Best performed poetry in 2024, and other awards to be announced. His works have appeared in Arts Lounge NYC, New Telegraph, Gazelle Africa, Vanguard, The Mirror, Telegraph, LoveReading, Kirkus Review, The Ghana review and in many other journals. Joshua has also taken part in the Yurt Café UK masterclass, was selected for the 2023 Pa Gya Festival Goethe Insitut workshop and his drama, Evil on Eken Day, is his next project.

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